Medical Services

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, accounting for almost 15% of your total weight. Taking care of your skin is essential to your overall health. It functions as a barrier to protect us from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, as well as environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity and sunlight. It is vital to maintaining our body temperature and preventing water loss. The skin allows us to experience the sensation of touch, feel temperature and even pain.

We offer thorough and experienced care treating conditions of the skin, hair, and nails in your local communities. You don’t need to travel outside of central Minnesota for excellent skin care.

Skin Cancer

Actinic keratosis
Basal cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma
Malignant melanoma

Skin Infections

Bacterial infections (abscess, cellulitis, folliculitis, MRSA, impetigo, etc)
Viral (warts, molluscum, herpes, shingles, etc)
Fungal (athlete’s foot, ringworm, onychomycosis, candidiasis, etc)
Parasitic (scabies, mites, lice etc)

Inflammatory Diseases

Seborrheic dermatitis
Poison ivy
Connective tissue disease (lupus, dermatomyositis, etc)

Hair Loss

Alopecia areata
Androgenetic hair loss
Lichen planopilaris
Telogen effluvium

Nail Disorders

Nail infections (paronychia, onychomycosis, Pseudomonas nail infection, etc)
Nail tumors/growths

Benign Skin Growths

Seborrheic keratosis
Skin tags

Other Skin Conditions

Dry skin
Lichen simplex chronicus
Pregnancy-related skin conditions
Hypertrophic scars and keloids

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